Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9

I'm absolutely wild about this whole superhero-boarding-home concept Bendis is working with in the new volume of USM. It may be in opposition to his usual philosophy of treating secret identities in a realistic fashion, but it's adhering wonderfully to a much more important philosophy - the Ultimate line isn't your daddy's Marvel Universe.

I forget what number the first volume ended with, but for Bendis to be, I dunno, somewhere in the area of 130 issues into USM, and still coming up with situations that are nothing like what we've seen from Spider-Man in the past, is nothing short of astounding. In fact, that the premise does strain believability makes it even more interesting. The more hard to believe it is that people wouldn't know Peter is Spider-Man, the more Bendis can't help but drop hints that lots of people do know. Kong figured it out the second he started paying attention, pretty much everyone at SHIELD knows, I'm fairly certain that the school principal knows, and it's almost universally understood that at the very least, Spider-Man lives in that neighborhood and goes to/works at that school. It's very refreshing after the shitty way they handled his unmasking in 616, and I hope it keeps up.

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